"Colorado Springs chefs teach home cooking classes"

Teresa Farney

Chef’s Table Colorado Springs is the brainchild of Debra McVicker, a certified culinarian who graduated valedictorian of the 2001 class of The Culinary School at the Art Institute of Colorado.

I took McVicker’s homemade cheeses class, which was excellent. 
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"Presto! Pickles made in a flash with Colorado Springs experts"

Teresa Farney

Traditional pickling requires heating your kitchen for hours while boiling gallons of water, sterilizing special jars and lids with specific rules about sealing them to ensure that canned food stays safe for months.

Then there’s “quick pickling.”
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“Sheet pan meals are the true heroes of weeknight dinners”

Teresa Farney

Debra McVicker, owner of Chef’s Table Colorado Springs cooking school, is a fan of sheet pan suppers and teaches classes about the technique.

“Sheet pan meals are the true heroes of weeknight dinners,” she said. “The key to everything cooking evenly is staggering your ingredients. Start with thicker items that require longer cooking and add other ingredients that take less time to cook later in the process.”

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