Benefits of Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are perfect for anyone who wants to start the habit of cooking at home or just beef up their cooking skills. Our cooking classes are designed for anyone who wants to go from eating the food you make to enjoying the food you make.

  • Expand your variety of meals that you can make.
  • Impress someone you love with a romantic meal just for two.
  • Learn to feel comfortable cooking for larger groups.
  • Classes make a great gift for friends or loved ones.
  • Or a unique a team building exercise for businesses!

You will learn basic knife skills, cooking techniques, and various tasty dishes. Some of the topics covered in Basic Skills classes we've held in the past:
In our Chef’s Table Signature Series, we design an entire meal with wine pairing. The following are are the examples of Chef's Table Signature classes we've held in the past:

How many people are in each class?
All classes are groups of 4 to 7 people and are purposely limited so that each person can fully participate in this hands-on cooking experience.

Do you have classes for kids?
Classes are for adults age 18 and up because we ask that each student participates in class and learn to use the appropriate tools, such as knives.